Design & illustrations made from sugar, spice and everything nice.


Kelly McMahon

Hi, I'm Kelly, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in minimalist illustrations of female pop-culture icons and I currently work in one of Melbourne's creative hubs, at a small design studio focusing on branding, packaging and web design.

My love of pop culture started when I was a kid, in the 90s, with shows like Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls. I was drawn not only to the twirling transformations and bright, colourful visuals but also to their stories where pretty soldiers of justice fought evil and saved the day in cute skirts, big bows and high heels. They kicked ass in style, they didn't have to sacrifice their feminity in order to be the best, they could do it all.

As I grew as an artist, I became more aware of and interested in the representation of women in pop culture. This led to the creation of illustrative designs and my focus on badass female characters. I want to portray the strength in women without cutting out the ribbons, sweeping up the fairy dust, or leaving out the glitter.

I am currently available for work, so feel free to drop me a line!