Kelly McMahon

Kelly majored in Visual Communication and Design (Graphic Design) at RMIT (TAFE) and Monash University. She’s currently based in one of Melbourne’s creative hubs, working at a small design studio focusing on branding, packaging and web design.


Graphic design has always been a dream, and acceptance into a university helped cement what she’d eventually turn into a career. During that time, her designs began to favor a minimalist approach, utilizing clean techniques. Today, these skills are accentuated with feminine flare to create her illustrative designs.


The goal in her illustrative works is to celebrate and embrace femininity in all its facets. It blossomed at an early age and cultivated from influences of the 90’s pop culture. Shows like Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls where every shade of pink possible in technicolor was flaunted and flared for the enjoyment of little girls. Kelly’s takeaway, however, went beyond the gorgeous frames and the twirling transformations sequences. Pretty sailor soldiers of love and justice were an inspiration because they fought evil and saved the day with cute skirts, big bows and high heels, holding onto that feminine charm while vanquishing the villain. To a little girl, it showed it didn’t have to be one or the other, that it could be both, and since then, it felt only natural to be pretty in pink.


Without question, this is a key concept for her designs: to portray the strength in women without cutting out the ribbons, sweeping up the fairy dust, or leaving out the glitter. From pop culture to fantasy, Disney to anime, her portfolio is inspired by the characters and concepts that represent this conviction.


Up Coming Conventions + Showcases

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February 15 2018

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April 20-22 2018

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April 27-29 2018

Madfest Brisbane 
June 02-03 2018

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September 09-10 2018

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November 02-04 2018

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November 09-12 2018

Anime NYC
November 16-18 2018

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June 09-10 2018

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June 15-17 2018

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July 14-15 2018

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August 11-12 2018